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Dance routines for Term 2

Teacher's Resources

Download Big Workout Day documents below! 

Video on how to use Teacher’s Dashboard! 

  • Access Teacher's Dashboard through
  • Become a school admin on dashboard so you can view all resources, access class usernames and passwords for app, send messages to your class, view activity of your class from app
  • Ask your PAL how to access teacher's dashboard. All you need is an email address and you'll be set up in minutes!

App and Golden Mile Certificates

Frequently asked questions

Your PE coordinator within your school will have set up an email and password for all staff to use to access teacher’s dashboard. 

If you are a PE coordinator and have not yet set up an account, ask your PAL to help you set it up or alternatively, send an email to [email protected] with your school name and we will send you instructions.  

If your email has been used before on dashboard but have forgotten your password, go to and follow instructions to reset password. 

Every child should be given a username and password by their teacher. At the log in stage of the app, it will ask for an email address; this is where you enter your child’s username i.e. user98765. 

To sign out from app, simply tap the name of the person on the home screen and a menu will pop up asking if you are sure you want to sign out. Click yes and then you will be taken back to log in screen. 

Images for The Golden Mile below!

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