Introducing our FREE Mid Term ‘Talent Camp’ taking place in Millennium Court, Portadown.
Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th February at 10am-1pm.

This camp is aimed particularly at attracting children from Portuguese and East Timor backgrounds to participate in a fun and inclusive way where everyone feels safe and secure in expressing their views and opinions. This in turn will positively impact relations in the local community, creating resilience and respect as a result.

Within this camp, each day targets specific age groups. Wednesday will be aimed at P1-P4, Thursday will be aimed at P5-P7 and we’ll finish off Friday with Year 8-Year 10.

Our Talent Camp programme is about ensuring that young people locally in Portadown and surrounding areas are aware of the various backgrounds that we come from, and thus ensuring young people and the next generation coming up in Portadown can enjoy living in a united community together.

This good relations initiative will use sport and physical activity to entice young people at a primary school age and early secondary school age to come together from different traditions, and involve various activities that will allow participants to experience different sports relevant to different community and good relations content that each may not be familiar with, relevant to each sport. A delicious, healthy lunch will also be provided by our friends from UNCH.

This camp has been funded by the Department of Justice in a bid to target the combination of victims and communities. The intention is to create less victims as a result of the initiative, plus contribute to the rehabilitation of any victims that participate. School holidays can be a time of heightened anti-social behaviour and thus, we want to use our good relations camp as a diversionary tool to get young people off the streets and into positive community activity that helps bring young people from divided communities together.