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Step by step process process for ROI schools

  1. School registers via form below
  2. We add the email address that was registered with school to our Teacher’s Dashboard 
  3. That email address that was registered will be sent an email from [email protected] to create password for dashboard. If you create a generic password, your colleagues will be able to log in also using the email address and generic password. Dashboard can then be accessed through the following link upon creating password – – your login details for the dashboard wont let you log into the app!    
  4. Information on how to use our dashboard can be found via the following link 
  5. Add your pupils to dashboard using the ‘add pupil’ or ‘import pupils’ function. *Don’t use the family sign up link and code*
  6. Pupils can download our app on Apple app store or Google Play store – they simply have to search for Healthy Kidz
  7. Send pupils their username and password via whatever communication method your school uses
  8. Any time pupils log activities on app (including sport’s day activities) teachers will be able to review this on Teacher’s Dashboard. 

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