Refund Policy

At Healthy Kidz, we are sympathetic to changes in circumstances that can occur following the booking of one of our courses online. Our policy is based on common sense and being open and transparent with our customers / stakeholders.

Refunds Circumstances where we will NOT refund

We are unable to offer a refund for every instance where a participant misses an after-school/holiday camp session. We are a service-based company and must cover costs such as hire of venues and payment of coaches. Sessions still need to go ahead whether your child attends or not. Our dates and session times are published online at at the start of each course so unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for sessions/ days/ weeks missed mid-course because of other family commitments or doctor’s appointments, for example. Nor can we offer a refund mid-course because a participant decides that they do not wish to attend anymore. Most of our after-school courses occur in 6 to 10-week blocks and so enrolling on a course signifies a commitment to attend for that time period.

We are unable to offer a refund for an event that is no fault of either party (Service Provider or the customer). Examples of this are measures enforced by the government preventing us from delivering the session planned, natural disasters (e.g floods, earthquakes or any other ‘Act of God’) AND Damage to the venue we planned to use for the session (e.g. caused by a fire, vandalism etc.). We will try and reschedule the session planned however, due to future sessions already being in place and staff’s time being occupied by this, we may be unable to reschedule the session and it will be cancelled indefinitely.

Circumstances where we MAY offer a refund

We only offer a full refund (be it at after school clubs or holiday camps) in extreme circumstances where there has been severe hardship or tragic family event or where due to family circumstances the child cannot take part because the family is moving far away or to another country. Additionally, if there was a safeguarding issue where it was no longer safe for the child to take part, then we could offer a refund for the sessions missed. We also reserve the right to decline this offer if we feel the system is being abused/ taken advantage of. 

Circumstances where we WILL offer a refund

If for any reason we as a company are unable to fulfil the allotted sessions (e.g. if the coach was ill and we were unable to find a suitable replacement), then we would initially attempt to run the session at an alternate date, offer a voucher for future provisions OR offer a voucher for an alternative camp/club. ONLY if we cannot offer a voucher for a future provision OR an alternative provision then we will refund the customer in full for the sessions missed. If you have paid for your child in advance of an afterschool/holiday camp but your child can no longer attend, a refund will only be possible before the start date. 


As a company we always try to be open and transparent about our refunds policy with our valued customers. Any queries about our refunds should be directed to [email protected] By signing a participant on to one of our provisions we understand that you have read through all the terms and conditions in this document and agree to abide by everything described throughout.