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Getting set up

To be entered into the competetion for the weekly prizes then you will need to use the new account you create when registering.

You can continue to use your personal log in as normal but you will have to log in and log out.   

You can log out of the app by pressing on your name on the home screen. A window will open up asking if you want to log out. 

– Check your junk/spam folders – your email account might send it here by mistake

– If you joined after the deadline then usernames and passwords will take a little longer to be sent to you. If you haven’t received it by the night before the next competition starts (the following Monday at 10am) then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Where the app asks for a ‘username’ or an ’email’ – enter your username e.g. ‘user98765’. Make sure to put the word user at the front of the numbers.

Where the app asks for a password – enter the 5 3-letter words either with or without spaces. Our app recognises both! 

Every time we get asked about this it is almost always that user are entering their email address rather than the username we supply them with! 

This seems to be affecting android users mainly but it is easily fixed:

– if you go to your settings>apps>healthy kidz>storage and then clear data and clear cache, you should be able to type in your details in the app.


Taking part in the Global Challenge

In order to be entered into our weekly Prize Draw, you must achieve a consecutive 7-day streak on the the Healthy Kidz App, by completing and recording:

  • Our non-sport specific weekly workout challenge that will be posted on our various social media platforms every Monday at 10am (Add Activity>Sport>Global Challenge).

If you’re doing another high intensity workout, you can log that under Global Challenge too.

  • 30+ minutes of sport-specific practice for your own sport(s) (Add Activity>Sport>Select Sport).
  • A combination of both our weekly workout challenge and sport specific practice.

If your sport is not listed on the Healthy Kidz App, go to Add Activity>Sport>Other and type in your Sport.

Our prizes will be revealed along with our weekly workout video every Monday at 10am and the winner of the previous week’s prize will be announced on Monday morning, before 10am.

Our weekly challenges will begin every Monday at 10am after we have posted out weekly workout and will end the following Sunday at 6pm, so make sure you record your Monday activity after 10am and your Sunday activity before 6pm.

Our App automatically detects who has recorded their Global Challenge activity every day and ONLY those who have managed to record their activity for each of the 7 days, will be in with a chance to win our weekly prizes.

Where this is the case, go to Add Activity>Sport>Other and type in that activity to let us know what you’ve done.

We’d love you to try out our workouts and take on our challenges but if you’re doing other activities, that’s great too!

Do what you enjoy most, but make sure you’re recording them in the App to boost your points total.

The Healthy Kidz App and leaderboard will be monitored closely for any signs of irregular activity. Your account may be temporarily suspended or removed if excessive irregular activity has been identified.

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for ensuring that kids have completed the Global Challenge Activity correctly before recording in the Healthy Kidz App.

Although not compulsory, we also encourage all participants, on occasion, to record themselves completing our Global Challenge and post it on social media (tagging Healthy Kidz) to show us how well you’re doing.

Healthy Kidz is about more than just physical activity, so you should also be recording all of your good lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

Remember, these all count towards your points total, so make sure to record them too!

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