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School information - Teacher's Dashboard

England/Scotland/Wales/ROI information for dashboard

You can access the Teacher’s Dashboard through 

The password you use is for the dashboard, not for the app! The app is for your pupils! 

Northern Ireland information for dashboard

You can access the Teacher’s Dashboard through 

The password you use is for the dashboard, not for the app! The app is for your pupils! 

NI Pupil information - Getting set up

For Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland pupils you can register through our website.  Once registered you will recieve an email with your username and password.  Make sure to check your junk/spam folder.

For England, Scotland and Wales pupils your teacher will send you your username and password.  

To be entered into your school’s prize draw then you will need to use the new username and
password we send you once you’ve registered. Any other usernames and passwords you have
received in the past can be still used if you wish, but they won’t qualify you to take part in the
Virtual Sport’s Day.

You can log out of the app by pressing on your name on the home screen. A window will open up asking if you want to log out. 

All usernames and passwords will be emailed to you as soon as you have registered.

Please check your junk/spam folder as they can sometimes be sent there by mistake. 

Where the app asks for a ‘username’ or an ’email’ – enter your username e.g. ‘user98765’. Make
sure to put the word user at the front of the numbers.

Where the app asks for a password –
enter the 5 3-letter words either with or without spaces. Our app recognises both!

Please ensure that you are entering the username we supply you with and not your email address! 

Taking part in the Virtual Sport's Day

In order to be entered into your school’s Prize Draw, you must achieve a consecutive 20- day streak on the Healthy Kidz App. You may be asking, what is a streak? A streak is recording any activity on the app for a consecutive amount of days. So, no matter what activity you do whether it is doing your sports day preparation, brushing your teeth, running a mile, cycling around your house and then you log it into your app, it will contribute to your streak.

The class with most pupils on a streak will win a trip to W5.

The runners up will receive a joint SPAR & Healthy Kidz Fun Day (when schools resume)

All pupils achieving a 20-day streak will be entered into a prize draw unique to your school for the chance to win a £20 voucher to spend at your local SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO, VIVOXTRA or VIVOEssentials!

Winners will be announced by your school once 20 days has passed.

Our App automatically detects who has recorded their Sport’s Day prep activity every day and ONLY those who have managed to record their activity for each of the 20 days, will be in with a chance to win the £20 voucher from their school.

Where this is the case, go to Add Activity>Sport>Other and type in that activity to let us know what you’ve done.

The Healthy Kidz App and leaderboard will be monitored closely for any signs of irregular activity. Your account may be temporarily suspended or removed if excessive irregular activity has been identified.

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for ensuring that kids have completed the Sport’s Day prep activity correctly before recording in the Healthy Kidz App.

Although not compulsory, we also encourage all participants, on occasion, to record themselves completing the different activities and post it on social media (tagging Healthy Kidz) to show us how well you’re doing.

Healthy Kidz is about more than just physical activity, so you should also be recording all of your good lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

Remember, these all count towards your points total, so make sure to record them too!

In the white description box, you aren’t required to insert anything if you dont want to! For exercise, you could insert how long you did it for, for healthy eating you could input what fruit or vegetables you have eaten or how many you have eaten. For washing your hands or brushing your teeth you can just leave it blank – just hit save! 

We use points and the leaderboard in our 30 week in-school health programme for classes and schools to compete against each other and incentivise pupils to record their activities. Points are capped for each day to prevent people from cheating and who may not be doing the activities but still logging them on our app. Also, the more you log a certain activity in a day, the less points you receive. The leaderboard updates at 6pm each day.

For the Virtual Sport’s Day however, we are concentrating on ‘streaks’ instead. If you log 20 days of activity in a row that will equate to 20-day streak. Once you have a 20-day streak then you will be entered into your schools prize draw for the £20 voucher.

Why bother including the points and leaderboard if we aren’t going to use them for the Virtual Sport’s Day?
Just as an added bonus – it means pupils can see how they are doing against their fellow classmates and how their school compares to other schools across Northern Ireland in their preparations for the Virtual Sport’s Day!

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