Impact of COVID-19

Potential health-related consequences of lockdowns in children

A recent study co-authored by a friend of Healthy Kidz, Professor Mark Tully from Queen’s University Belfast, showed the potential impact of COVID-19 on health-related outcomes in children. 

Lockdowns and school closures have been a worldwide used preventative measure of the spread of COVID-19 but little regard was given to the impact this would have on the holistic health of children. 

The image below shows some of the associated found in the study search regarding health-related components in isolated children. Increases in stress, obesity, socio-affective problems, depression, screen time, and cardiovascular risk were among the top assoiciations found.

impact of covid

Further potential health-related consequences of COVID-19 lockdown in children were found to show higher levels of inflammation, adiposity, risk of fractures as well as overall lower physical fitness, social cognition, emotional development and motor competence.

consequences of covid

How Healthy Kidz can help

With health and wellbeing at the top of the Department of Education’s priority list post-pandemic, primary schools will be seeking ways to improve their current provision. Check out the image below showcasing what a school would receive if they sign up for our Digital Health and Wellbeing Programme.