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Healthy Kidz is a comprehensive, evidence-based, outcome-focused, engaging physical fitness programme that aims to give physical literacy the same level of importance as academic literacy on the school curriculum.

Healthy Kidz is a comprehensive, evidence-based, outcome-focused, engaging physical fitness programme that aims to give physical literacy the same level of importance as academic literacy on the school curriculum.

Healthy Kidz Mission Statement
Through the provision of a holistic primary in-school programme focusing on physical, emotional and general well-being, we aim to help every child realise their best possible state of well-being.


By doing the Healthy Kidz Programme children improve:










What do we deliver?

Our 30-week physical literacy in school programme builds the basic fundamental movement of every child. The lessons are varied and fun and designed for maximum impact. Every child will be encouraged to do their best. Every child will build their confidence and self-esteem. Teachers enjoy encouraging all their pupils to participate and strive for improvement. Healthy Kidz coaches test kids in term one and again in term three for progression and advancement. Each lesson is designed to compliment current national curriculum guidelines

Pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of afterschool activities. Healthy Kidz offers many after school clubs and programmes including:

  • Shooting Stars Soccer

  • Road to Croker Gaelic

  • Scrum and Try Rugby

  • Sports Club

  • Girls only club

  • Dance

  • Gymnastics

  • Karate

  • Boxercise

  • And many more! 

The Golden Mile Athletic Challenge will develop and increase fitness, good health, wellbeing and confidence. Teachers lead this strand and their cooperation makes it truly effective. A course is marked in each school and the kids run 2 – 3 times per week in a controlled and managed programme that is reward based.

In Term 1 the kids take part in the “Killer Kilometre”. Here kids run 4 laps of the marked course and are timed. They are timed again at the end and each child aims to beat their previous time.

 In Term 2 the challenge changes to “Complete a Marathon”. Each child runs one mile and every mile they complete is coloured in on their golden mile poster. At the completion of 26 dots pupils earn a week off homework.

In Term 3 pupils take part in the “Race to the Podium”. Every child attempts to run one mile in under 10 minutes.

Every student can log on to the Healthy Kidz App and record every activity daily. Pupils achieve levels for increased activity and their points recorded also contribute to their class total overall. Every student aims to be the most active pupil in their class and every class competes to be the most active in their school. Each school also competes to be the most active school termly. The most active child receives rewards at their school monthly assembly, where the school rewards physical activity in line with Numeracy, Literacy and other school priorities. Schools can reward most active classes also and the most active pupils win rewards termly.

The greater ambition is to create a more engaging mind-set for all our pupils by allowing them to observe how active they are and strive to become more active, especially outside school.

The Healthy kidz app can be downloaded by parents, grandparents and siblings. All points recorded by family members will help their child’s school accumulate points.  Family members can now take part in physical activity with their child or children outside school time.  This provides a great opportunity for all family members to improve their daily activity together for the benefit of all. Any daily activity – walk to the shop, walk around the park, sporting activity can all be added to the app. Rewards will available through vouchers to our most active users.

Emotional Intelligence can be described as our ability to understand our own emotions and those of others as well as understanding how these emotions affect how we think and behave.   

The Emotional Wellbeing strand includes lessons on self-esteem, impulse control and responsibility and uses tools such as mindfulness and gratitude journaling to give children the time, space and skills to care for and develop their own emotional wellbeing.  

Supported by local opticians Alexander Bain & Murray in Dungannon, Portadown, Lurgan and Armagh and dentists Magees Dental Care in Lurgan this important strand to educates our children in how they need to look after their Nutrition, Eyes and Teeth. 

What makes Healthy Kidz different?

  • A uniquely universal programme for all pupils
  • Widest participation of its kind, by being entirely non-sport/discipline specific
  • Meets every pupil at their point of ability
  • Designed and delivered by the highest quality professional coaches
  • Develops not just fitness, but sustainable habits beyond school hours
  • Empowers educators to engage and inspire pupils to participate
  • Non-competitive monitoring means the only performance pupils want to beat is their own
  • In line with the PE curriculum


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